What makes charging EVs in condos and apartments so difficult?

Buildings have limited power available for EV Charging - with traditional solutions, most buildings can only charge one or two EVs at a time.

EVs require 208, 220, or 240v to charge -- standard outlets are 110v.

City permitting is required.

Building management needs to approve installation plans.

Liability insurance needs to be secured (California requires $1 million in coverage).

Licensed, insured contractors with experience installing EV chargers are difficult to find.

Once a charger is installed, it can require maintenance.

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Let Evercharge Handle Everything for You

We are a full-service EV charging system that allows multi-tenant residents to charge in their EV in their own parking space, 24 hours a day.

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How does Evercharge work?

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Personal Charging

Evercharge units are installed directly into residents' parking spaces - Evercharge customers never need to worry about access to charging.

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Forget Public Charging

Say goodbye to the hassle and unreliablility of public charging. With Evercharge you'll never have to worry about charging again.

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Power Management

Our patented technology ensures that Housing Associations and residents alike get the most scalable, easy to use, and affordable EV charging solution.

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Automatic Monthly Billing

Customers are automatically billed once per month for the electricity that they use, and building management is reimbursed.

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EV Owners

Evercharge navigates the complexity of charging in multi-tenant buildings. We take care of the entire process so you can focus on enjoying your EV.

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Building Management

Evercharge enables you to provide a cost-effective, scalable EV charging solution for your property - with no cost to the Association or the building owner.

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